Woodbridge car dealership stole 12 cars and 139 key fobs

WOODBRIDGE, NJ – At a time when auto theft is rampant in New Jersey, a Woodbridge auto dealership had 12 cars and 139 key fobs stolen this winter.

This was announced in a Facebook post by Newark police, who said they found three of the stolen cars, with the key fobs inside, parked on the streets of their city.

The car dealership is Woodbridge Car Revolution on Rt. 1 in Avenel.

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Last Friday, newly sworn in New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin was joined by state police in warning residents that the entire state is witnessing a “serious increase in motor vehicle thefts.”

In 2021, a total of 14,320 cars were reported stolen in New Jersey, a 22% increase from the previous year. Auto theft is particularly up 31% in the state’s so-called “CorrStat region,” which represents more than 80 northeastern New Jersey cities along the Rt. 21 corridor, including Newark. .

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This area accounts for 63% of the state’s total motor vehicle thefts, state police said.

However, car thefts occur all over New Jersey, in suburbs and major cities alike, the AG says. In January of this year, towns such as Monroe, Edison, Franklin Township (Somerset County), Ocean Township, Oceanport and Hamilton Township reported motor vehicle thefts followed by burglaries at victims’ homes. .

On January 19, Newark police said they observed three young men sleeping in a black 2015 Audi in the 100 block of Parker Street. The Audi was found to have been stolen from Car Revolution in Avenel, police said.

Police then located a second stolen car, also taken from Car Revolution, parked on Mapes and Weequahic Avenues and a black Dodge Ram pickup truck, also stolen, parked on the 300 block of South 12th Street.

A 15-year-old boy inside the car had key fobs for the three stolen cars. Newark police searched the Dodge Ram and found all 139 stolen key fobs inside, according to Newark Public Safety Director Brian A. O’Hara. All key fobs were from Woodbridge Car Revolution.

Sharieff N. Copeland, 26, Ahjhir K. Jones, 18, and the teenager, 15, have been arrested and charged, Newark police said.

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