Wood to enable expansion of South America’s largest rapid transit system

Wood, the global consulting and engineering company, will provide engineering solutions to support Santiago’s growing public transport system following the award of a new contract by Metro SA

More than 2.5 million people rely on the metro every day in Santiago, and as it plays a vital role in serving the city, the latest expansion aims to reduce overcrowding on existing lines and bring the benefits of connectivity from the metro to the suburbs of the city.

It serves the main urban development axis of the capital and completes the network parallel to the requested line 1. The future line 7 will connect with the main shopping and business centers of the capital, and it is projected as a new main source of sustainable development. public transport for the city.

Wood’s scope covers Section C of Line 7, which will be developed in the eastern part of Santiago and includes the detailed design of six stations requiring expertise in architecture, structure, civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation. Prior to this phase, Wood executed the detailed engineering of the tunnel and shafts to support Section C of Line 7.

Justin Jackson, Senior Vice President of Engineering Projects at Wood, said, “We are thrilled to take on the latest installment of Metro SA’s ambitious plan for its transit system, which not only transforms the connectivity of the city, but allows us to show our ability to design solutions that support key socio-economic drivers. This award demonstrates the strategic relationship we have established with Metro SA over the past 50 years and reinforces our ongoing commitment to the region.

State-owned Metro SA has relied on Wood for the design of its transit system since the 1970s, with Wood providing conceptual, basic and detailed engineering solutions as part of Lines 1-6, in addition to supervise the site within the Metro SA team. In total, Wood designed over 120 km of the city’s subway development.

A team of 45 engineers will execute the 13-month engineering contract from Wood’s office in Santiago, as part of a larger 24-month contract to provide on-site technical support during the construction phase.

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