Weinberg issues statement welcoming progress in redevelopment of port authority bus terminal



TRENTON – Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg released the statement after learning that the Ports Authority of New York and New Jersey has initiated the federal environmental review process which marks a real step forward in redevelopment and the rehabilitation of the Port Authority bus terminal in midtown Manhattan, which when completed will significantly improve the commuting experience for several thousand New Jerseyans who work in the city.

“The Port Authority bus terminal – opened in 1950 and expanded in 1981 – has long become a source of aggravation and great frustration for frantic New Jersey commuters who are all too familiar with its many shortcomings,” said Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, a longtime public transport advocate and champion of redeveloping and modernizing the terminal, which before the pandemic served around 260,000 weekday passenger trips.

“A 21st The Century Bus Station which offers greater reliability, more space and basic modern amenities will make life easier for commuters and their families, and will play a crucial role in the future growth of our regional economy, and indeed serve to strengthen the economic vitality of the entire nation. “

The environmental review process will consist of a total of four public meetings that will be held virtually on June 23-24. for the replacement of the existing terminal on Eighth Avenue for commuter bus services with a state-of-the-art facility, a potential 40% increase in bus passenger capacity and a bus warehouse and a rally building which should drastically reduce the number of buses in the congested streets of the city.

“This is a day many of us have wished for and worked for over the years,” added Senator Weinberg. “This is a technologically ambitious and creative plan that will reinvent the bus terminal and dramatically improve the daily commuting experience of hundreds of thousands of New Jersey commuters for many years to come.”


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