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Mr. Doré, Nanaimo: I ask the city council to reconsider the use of the Jean Burn site as a transit center. First of all, the ability of buses to run efficiently takes up a lot of space. Secondly, this land could be used in various ways to showcase the development of a beautiful element of the city center, for example, small cafes with terraces etc. Finally, there is already a used transit interchange site near the Gabriola Ferry dock and it is within walking distance of Commercial Street.

NanaimoNews NOW: Plans for the area surrounding the former Jean Burns construction site and neighboring properties recently purchased by the City of Nanaimo are still conceptual and subject to change.

It seems more likely that the Jean Burns yard will form at least part of a public plaza rather than a transit interchange, with the proposed change in Nanaimo’s bus infrastructure being moved a bit further along the Terminal Avenue, just south of the infamous Hole in the Ground.

The idea is to connect the infrastructures planned for Albert Street in order to create bicycle and pedestrian paths from VIU to the city center.

The purchase of land over the past two months is the first step in a very, very long process that will involve countless rounds of public consultations and debates that may spill over into at least one municipal electoral cycle.

The public will have the opportunity to provide direction during these sessions or at the polls on how they want the City to proceed.

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D. Buston, Nanaimo: The city center is in a sorry state. Over the years, a lot of money has been spent trying to bring downtown to life. Maybe instead of wasting another $ 150,000 on another plane, keep it simple, make Commercial Street one way, bring the parking lot back to the corner, eliminate the parking meters.

Take a lesson from Ladysmith and encourage building owners to bring back the building with an incentive to paint these beautiful old buildings. A simple plan and advice with a little excitement and a sense of pride. Make a plan to get rid of some of the long dead buildings.

Above all, our cities must start working together to help alcoholics and drug addicts. It is not a homeless problem. I am sickened by the dressing solution that has been given to these people. Sadly, I was born and raised in Nanaimo and my next move might be outside of that.

NanaimoNews NOW: Calls to make Commercial St. a one-way or even vehicle-free area of ​​town have been happening for years and have only been made stronger by special events such as the once-established night market. per week, before the pandemic.

Much like the plans for Terminal Avenue, the vision for Commercial Street will likely change and adjust based on Council’s wishes and public input.

It was interesting to see the city’s general manager of engineering, Bill Sims, say that there was a possibility of closing Commercial Street as part of the Jean Burns site plans.

The City has expressed a strong desire to create more “public domain” spaces in the city center and both a public plaza next to Terminal Avenue and the adjustment or elimination of traffic on Commercial Street. could achieve it.

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