These cars were everywhere, but now you’ll never see them in real life again


Like any other consumer-driven technology, the humble automobile is not only driven by its advancement, but also by what goes in and out of this fickle thing called fashion. One minute, you’re the toast of the city, riding high on a mass sales balloon, only to then be seen as outdated, out of fashion and boring. Before you know it, you’re taken off used listings, then scrapped, just like the once popular Cadillac de Ville.

As tastes, needs and legislation force change during the automotive design stages, certain types and models of vehicles are simply deleted or lost in the history pages. Some, like the impressive Honda Prelude, weather the storm to fall into the niche of a modern classic, while others are replaced and forgotten as a cell phone upgrade.

With the world seemingly focused and obsessed with the continued evolution of the car, models come and go at an alarming rate. What was once commonplace quickly disappears into a hazy reminiscence of what once was, as these cars were everywhere, but now you will never see them in real life again.

Ford Escort MK3


For thousands of families in the UK, the Ford Escort Mk3 was the family car of choice thanks to its low cost, spacious interior, sleek bodywork and simple and reliable mechanics.


Once listed as the most common car on UK roads, Ford has sold over 1.6 million copies in six years. However, nowadays there is more chance to see a Ferrari F40 on the road than an MK3 Escort.

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Cadillac Catera


A German-built luxury sedan that shared a base platform with the Opel Omega, the Cadillac Catera was equipped with a luxury Bose audio system, dual CD / cassette player, wireless input key and soft leather seats.

restaurant interior

The commercial featured Cindy Crawford with the executive sedan presented to those who preferred the finer things in life. Despite its popularity, the Catera was only sold for 5 years and was not relaunched for a second generation.

Chevrolet S-10


Recognized as one of the first compact trucks built in the country, the S-10 was the American response to the hugely popular Japanese items that flooded the market in the early 1980s, and it became a smash hit.

s10 side

Replaced in 2004 by the far superior Colorado model, the small S10 slowly faded from the highways as owners shifted to more modern, luxurious, or capable vehicles, making the small truck redundant and a rare sight.

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Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme


During its run, Oldsmobile built and sold over 16 million Cutlasses, and during its peak of popularity in the ’80s, the mere thought or mention of stopping this beloved vehicle would have been ridiculed.

Supreme 1981

With the demise of Oldsmobile in 2004, the last sixth-generation Cutlass Supreme rolled off the production line in 1998, only to receive bad reviews as buyers turned to much more sophisticated and capable machines.

Subaru Impreza Turbo 2000

impreza 2000

Once the go-to performance sedan for discerning buyers, the sales success of the 2000 Subaru Impreza was fueled by the winning streak its fierce motorsport sister had found in the world of international rallying.

subaru wagon

Due to its high operating / maintenance costs, potentially crippling annual tax obligations and insurance costs, the first generation Impreza faded from everyday use to become a distant memory of the automobile. from the late 90s.

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Mazda 929


Designed and badged for the export market, the full-size Japanese-made Mazda 929 was firmly touted as a low-end luxury car and lasted an impressive 5 generations, with sales spanning 20 years.

mazda interior

Offered with a well-built 195bhp 3.0-liter 24v V6, the 929 was a capable and comfortable cruiser that ultimately lost out once its many competitive offerings caught up to it and then passed it in all respects.

Pontiac Fiero


The first two-seater Pontiac produced since the late 1930s, the Fiero was also the first mass-produced mid-engined sports car by an American manufacturer, surpassing the MR2 in the United States by more than 200,000 units.


Heavily criticized for its mediocre performance, appalling handling and deplorable reliability, the Fiero found its place with those looking to build much more expensive replicas of Ferraris thanks to its shape and floor plan measurements.

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Chrysler Laser XT Turbo


Marketed as the very first dedicated sports car for Chrysler, the high-specification XT Turbo was powered by a 140-hp 2.2-liter engine, complete with a digital instrument panel and a synthesized voice that would speak to the driver. driver.

interior xt

Very comfortable and packed with impressive technology for the time, the XT Turbo dates quickly, giving owners a huge headache when its impressive dashboard malfunctioned before being abandoned altogether.

Ford Taurus Gen 1


Accumulating 7 million sales over its lifetime, the first generation Taurus was everywhere at one point, seemingly sweeping down crowded American highways in an oval blue flood after its release in 1986.

inside bull

Hailed as the “shape of tomorrow” and seeing as the Taurus was the vehicle of choice for Robocop, it revolutionized the sedan market, bringing a host of user features never before seen on cars before to the masses.

Peugeot 205


A former Car of the Year winner, the Peugeot 205 was an extremely popular city car with its unique styling, fantastic driving experience, and low-cost approach to the automobile appealing to masses of engine buyers.


While decent GTI versions have become the centerpiece of a collector’s garage, the 205 has never been particularly well designed. The vast majority of cars have rusted, been taken out of use, or simply traded in for modern, better-equipped equivalents.

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