Texas Governor Abbott speeds up migrant buses to New York

Texas has ramped up its migrant buses to New York since the start of the month – with up to eight buses in a single day unloaded in Manhattan, volunteers said Friday.

“Before, it was one or two a day, three days a week. Now it’s six or seven days and almost every day, sometimes even at night,’ a TLC NYC aid worker working at the Port Authority Bus Terminal told The Post.

At least seven buses full of asylum seekers arrived at the Manhattan bus depot on Friday – and “a few days ago” there were eight buses in a single day, Mayor Eric Adams said Thursday.

It’s unclear where all of Friday’s buses in Texas came from, but at least three of them came from El Paso, a border town near Ciudad Juarez in Mexico.

El Paso is one of the cities in Texas that has been inundated with migrants who illegally enter the United States and then seek asylum, allowing them to stay here legally until their cases are brought to court.

At least seven buses carrying migrants arrived at Port Authority on Friday.
James Messerschmidt
Migrants on the MTA bus
Texas Governor Abbott ferried migrants from Texas to the Big Apple.
James Messerschmidt

El Paso officials and GOP Texas Governor Greg Abbott are transporting thousands of migrants to Democratic cities such as New York to protest what they call Democratic President Joe Biden’s disastrously lax border policies.

The migrant crisis is moving north: Here’s what’s happening in the country as border states ferry migrants to the US

A representative from Abbott’s office could not confirm the number of buses entering the Big Apple each day, but said he had sent more than 2,500 migrants on 45 buses here so far – and others are expected.

Migrants on the MTA bus
Mayor Adams said some shelters had reached a “breaking point” due to the influx.
James Messerschmidt

Just after noon Friday, about two dozen migrant families, including couples and children, who entered the Port Authority were loaded onto a waiting MTA bus bound for an unknown destination.

The migrants were herded into barricades and city workers on site did not allow reporters to speak to them.

Additional reporting by Bernadette Hogan

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