Tanzania: Government wants all inland buses to use Magufuli Terminal

The Minister of State in the Office of the President (PO-RALG), Innocent Bashungwa, has issued a seven-day ultimatum to all buses to drop off and pick up passengers from Magufuli Bus Terminal in Dar es Salaam.

He made the statement Monday in Dar es Salaam while asking Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Amos Kamala to meet with the Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA), Tanzania Bus Owners Association (TABOA) and order all buses to enter. in the grandstand.

“I am aware that the Regional Commissioner, Amos Makalla, has already been challenged by the buses not to enter the Magufuli bus station. The government has invested 50 billion/- to build this station, therefore, we will not tolerate not people who violate government instructions,” the minister said.

Moreover, he gave 14 days to the director of the Ubungo council, the finance committee and the management of the Magufuli bus station to review and submit a proposal for challenges to the station. Some tenants have complained about the high rent changes currently set at 40/- per square meter.

Furthermore, the minister ordered the authorities to remove all unnecessary buses that have up to 40 cars to allow parking space for the working buses.

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