S’pore-JB Causeway Link buses are available after midnight from August 1, fares start from S$1.50

Causeway Link now has midnight services so you don’t rush for the last bus

Recently, Causeway Link, the cross-border bus operator between Singapore and Johor Bahru (JB), announced that it will launch 24/7 services from August 1.

Currently, the first CW2 bus service only departs from CIQ Johor at 4 am.

The last one in Singapore leaves the Queen Street Terminal at 11:30 p.m. each evening.

Source: Bus MalaysiaXpress on Facebook

To fill the gap between the two, Causeway Link announced an extension to the CW2 service, which now operates from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. daily.

With this news, the cross-border bus service will effectively operate throughout the day, serving commuters from both countries.

Causeway Link buses available all night from August 1

On Friday, July 22, Causeway Link shared an update regarding its upcoming 24/7 bus service on Facebook.

The update involved the upcoming extension of their CW2 bus service which runs between the CIQ in Johor Bahru and the Queen Street Terminal in Singapore.

According to the announcement, the new “Midnight Timing” service will operate from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. daily.

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Buses will be available every 45 minutes, although this depends on traffic conditions at checkpoints.

The prices for the bus journeys are as follows:

  • Queen Street Terminal to JB CIQ – S$4.80
  • JB CIQ at Queen Street Terminal – S$1.50 (RM4.80)

Note that EZ-Link and NETS payments are disabled for midnight service. Commuters are advised to make their payments using their Manjalink or VISA cards.

The Causeway Link website states that passengers wishing to transfer to and from Larkin Sentral Bus Station during late hours may need to use other modes of transportation.

No more anxiety about the last bus

This news will soothe the anxious hearts of daily commuters who may have had to rush to catch the last bus before.

With the bus service operating all day, travelers can rest easy knowing they can cross the carriageway at any time, in case of an emergency or due to work schedules.

Those traveling for pleasure can also go to Johor for a dinner if they wish.

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