Six cars seized in Hawke’s Bay as police target illegal street racing

Police carried out an operation against illegal street racing in Hawke's Bay over the weekend.


Police carried out an operation against illegal street racing in Hawke’s Bay over the weekend.

Six vehicles were impounded, three people arrested for drunk driving and ‘numerous vehicles’ were red-tagged as unsafe in a police sting over illegal weekend street racing.

Police said they carried out a “major traffic policing operation” targeting illegal street racing and anti-social behavior at several rallies in Hawke’s Bay on Saturday night.

Evidence was being collected by police and they were working to identify more offending vehicles and drivers, a spokesman said.

Senior Sergeant Craig Ellison said offending drivers were often surprised when police showed up at their door to take their vehicle, “because they think they got away with it”.

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“I hope this sends the message that anti-social behavior by road users will not be tolerated and that the police will thoroughly investigate offenses and take enforcement action.

“The public doesn’t always see us doing this job, but we invest heavily in holding drivers to account when the evidence is available.”

Ellison said high-risk behavior would not be tolerated.

“We want to assure the public that we will hold the offenders involved to account.”

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