Seemingly abandoned garage with vintage cars on display ‘should be demolished’

Calls have been made to demolish a seemingly abandoned garage which has been left “frozen in time”. There are fears the structure – which houses a range of vintage vehicles – could collapse.

The former Jetberg Garage at Castle Gresley, just across the border from Leicestershire in Derbyshire, closed in 2002 but remains a well-known site. A number of vintage used cars have been left in the garage and have gathered dust over the years, but can be seen from the road.

Only two remain today – a Maestro and a Vauxhall Cavalier – but it was once home to seven others. They included a 1991 Samara J plate, a Rover 820 on sale for £499 sold as seen; a Skoda Jreg; a 1986 Astra and a 1986 Metro.

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A resident believes the Castle Road garage is a ‘complete death trap’ and has called on local authorities to do something about it, reports StaffordshireLive. Ron Pacitas says Derbyshire Police, South Derbyshire MP Heather Wheeler and Derbyshire County Council share his concern.

He said: “It’s a complete death trap. The building looks like it’s about to collapse.

“The building in the back looks like it’s about to collapse. It’s completely eroded and leaning, and the roof structure looks very weak and dangerous.

One of the cars that was left

“The garage has no fence around it to keep the kids out. It’s completely exposed. I’m just trying to let people know before anything bad happens.”

South Derbyshire District Council said its planning enforcement officers had already carried out enforcement action at the site. Details of this action have now been passed to the Building Control Partnership – which ensures building projects meet national standards – and will review the case.

A council spokesperson said: “The council took enforcement action at this site in November last year when the owner cleared the overgrown vegetation. We have reported the site to the Central Building Control Partnership who will investigate. if the structure is unsafe and will take appropriate action.”

Many residential layout plans have been filed with local authorities since the garage closed. But StaffordshireLive reports that each time a -three-year deadline given for each application has passed.

The site’s future remains uncertain, but if accommodation is to be built, Derbyshire County Council has requested that £34,197.03 be donated for three primary school places, along with £5,400 for income costs library services.

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