Section of Griffith Park Drive closed to cars – NBC Los Angeles

A section of Griffith Park Drive is closed to traffic to make way for cyclists, runners and walkers.

It’s part of an ongoing effort to make Griffith Park safer for pedestrians after a cyclist was struck and killed while crossing the park in April.

Griffith Park Drive between Travel Town near the 134 and up the hill near Mount Hollywood will be closed to traffic as part of a pilot program.

“I see a lot of traffic approaching me when I’m running,” said local runner Mary Rosas. “I think it’s a good idea to shut it down.”

Many pedestrians NBC4 spoke to say they hope it becomes permanent.

“As a pedestrian I think it’s a great idea,” said Steven De Leon who is a runner. “I’ve been running here for 15 years and people are flying around here.”

It’s an issue Damian Kevitt, founder of “Streets Are For Everyone”, has been battling for years with renewed urgency just recently.

“Griffith Park has really become a suburban crossing for the 5 (freeway),” Kevitt said. “Unfortunately, it took tragedy for this transformation to turn from an idea on paper into reality.”

Kevitt refers to cyclist Andrew Jelmert.

“Andrew was amazing,” said Andre Goeritz, whose husband was killed while riding his bike. “He was an incredible, loving and generous person.”

The 77-year-old was training for a charity race in April when he was hit and killed by an accused drunk driver who was speeding through the park.

Jelmert’s husband is appealing to local leaders and safe streets advocates to help make the pilot program permanent after its evaluation for at least the next six weeks.

“Every person has the power to make things happen, but they have to believe they have the power to make things happen,” Goeritz said. “That’s why I came out. That’s the only reason I came out, because I think my voice can make a difference and if I can make a difference for Andrew I will and I will do whatever that will be needed.”

Authorized vehicles like city and county workers still have access to the road.

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