Renovation of Mersin Intercity Bus Station ‘MEŞOT’

Renovation of Mersin Intercity Bus Station ‘MEŞOT’

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Scientific Affairs Department has established new rest areas for passengers arriving and departing from Mersin Intercity Bus Station (MEŞOT). After carrying out extensive improvement works in the MEŞOT building, the Metropolitan has given MEŞOT a more modern look with its new seating groups.

The Department of Scientific Affairs, which carried out the renovation of the insulation of the roof and the suspended ceiling of the MEŞOT building, completely renewed the wall painting of the building. Metropolitan teams placed a total of 16 flowerpots, 22 iron frame panels and 21 seating groups at MEŞOT, as well as a modern rest area for arriving passengers. kazannaged. The Parks and Gardens Department also worked on ornamental ponds and flower pots.

“We have prepared a unique project to welcome our guests”

Civil engineer Mustafa Ümit Diken, who works at the Scientific Affairs Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, gave an update on their work and said, “We have prepared a unique project to accommodate our guests. We have manufactured terraces, wooden benches, decorative concrete basins and pots in galvanized sheet metal. We have modernized this space. We also made wooden seating groups inside. To support them, 88 visuals have been prepared. We will present photos with all the characteristics of our Mersin to our outgoing passengers. We have 19 lighting sections inside. 15 of them had water leaks. We did the isolation. There are currently no water leaks. We also painted the walls, wood and ironwork inside. We have also filled the gaps in barrier-free walking belts for our citizens with disabilities. »

“It seems that the satisfaction of our fellow citizens is at the highest level”

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Bus Station Branch Manager Erol Çetin said that the citizens were satisfied with the works and said, “Our Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has carried out improvement and renovation works within from MEŞOT. In recent studies, the face of MEŞOT has changed with palm trees and seated groups. It seems that the satisfaction of our fellow citizens is at the highest level,” he said.

“I have been in Mersin for 25 years, this is the first time I have seen the bus station become so beautiful”

Alaattin İlhan, one of the citizens waiting for his guest at the bus station, said he was satisfied with the Metropolitan’s work both in Mersin and at the bus station, and said, “I go to the city all the time. bus station. Working at the bus station is very pleasant. We see it for the first time. I have been in Mersin for almost 25 years, this is the first time I see the bus station become so beautiful. When you look at it like this, the flower pots are beautiful, there is something new. It’s a beautiful thing,” he said.

One of the citizens, Abdülmenaf Yerlikaya, said: “The Metropolitan is serving, we are really happy. She did it very well. I have been living in Mersin for about 20 years. “We have never seen such service before,” he said.

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