Reconsidering the bus station move will cost $ 30,000 and take up to six months



CEO warns advisers rethinking terminals issue will take more time and money than they realize

City council’s new willingness to consider demolishing the downtown bus terminal in Dennis and Queen to build a new terminal there may not be as straightforward as councilors thought.

In a report on the agenda for Monday’s city council meeting, the city’s chief executive said rethinking the issue will require a modified environmental process.

Malcolm White report says change will cost city $ 30,000 and take up to six months

At their last meeting on June 14, councilors were to vote on finding a consultant to complete construction drawings and the tender to add the terminal to the current administration / barn-bus complex at 111 Huron Street. .

Instead, they ordered that proper consideration also be given to the demolition of the existing downtown terminal and its reconstruction on the same site.

A science poll from SooToday found our readers overwhelmingly reject the 111 Huron, preferring to rebuild over Dennis and Queen.

Here is the full text of White’s report, as it appears on the agenda for Monday’s city council meeting:

June 28, 2021

To: Mayor Christian Provenzano and members of the City Council

AUTHOR: Malcolm White, CAO

DEPARTMENT: Administrative Director

Subject: Dennis Street Terminal Relocation – Referral Resolution Process


Provide the board with information regarding the scope and process to be followed in dealing with the discharge resolution adopted by the board at 2021 06 14 board meeting.


As of 2021 06 14cAt the council meeting, when considering the Dennis Street Terminal Relocation Report, the following referral resolution was passed:

Resolved that the Dennis Street Terminal move be referred back to staff to research and report with additional information regarding the feasibility of constructing a new terminal at the existing Dennis Street sites and Queen Street East, including potential costs and long-term operational implications.

As noted in the staff report accompanying the Environmental Assessment (EA) report, the potential relocation of the transit terminal to 111 Huron Street has been referred to council on several occasions over the past few years, in particular by the through CIPI approval. [Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program] transit funding proposals and approvals required for this EA process.


Simply put, process staff will follow to research and report on the issue of building a new terminal at the existing Dennis Street location and providing further information to council does not change the scope of the process. ‘EE current.

The Council will receive information on the feasibility and costs at the same level as the terminal relocation and terminal refurbishment options existing in the initial report.

We expect this report to be submitted to the board meeting on July 12, 2021.

During the board’s consideration of the referral resolution at the last meeting, there was consensus that staff should also provide information regarding the process to consider moving the terminal to other potential sites in the downtown.

To research and report on these considerations would require at least one modified EA process.

It is likely that instead of a Schedule A + process, the EA should follow a Schedule B process, particularly if a potential location was near a residential property.

Continuing with this process would result in additional costs (approximately $ 30,000) and time (approximately four to six months) before a report could be referred to the board for review.

Financial implications

There is no financial implication associated with this report.

Strategic plan / political impact

This report specifically addresses issues that are not spelled out in the strategic plan.


It is therefore recommended that the board take the following actions:

It was decided that the CAO report dated 2021 06 28 regarding the Dennis Street Terminal Relocation – Referral Resolution Process be accepted for information.

Respectfully submitted,
Malcolm White, Managing Director

Monday’s city council meeting will be broadcast live on SooToday starting at 4:30 p.m.


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