Rapid transit routes under consideration for east and south Wellington: map leaked



Two leaked maps show possible routes for Wellington's rapid transit system.

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Two leaked maps show possible routes for Wellington’s rapid transit system.

Wellington’s future rapid transit system could see routes to Miramar and Island Bay, according to leaked maps seen by Thing.

Miramar and Island Bay have previously each been offered as likely routes for the transit system being built by Let’s Get Wellington Moving, but this is the first indication that both could be included in the same package.

Cards are considered to be one of a number of options that were designed for the program during the business case process.

The cards won’t necessarily be part of the short list of options that will eventually be presented to the public, but they do offer a clue as to what Let’s Get Wellington Moving is considering.

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Let’s Get Wellington Moving is expected to release options in early November for the route and mode of the transit system, including a realignment of the Mount Victoria Tunnel and the Basin Reserve.

Rapid transit will either be an electric tram system or an articulated bus running on reserved lanes, the transportation planning group confirmed this week.

The first map shows a double transport spine separating near the basin reserve and heading east and south.

A new tunnel under Mount Victoria would head directly to Cobham Drive, serving both rapid transit and general traffic, while the existing tunnel and Ruahine Street would be converted for walking and cycling.

He also suggests that the Terrace Tunnel would be duplicated and that Arthur Street would be entirely underground from the Basin Reserve to Cuba Street, with a new urban park built at the top, extending the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park.

A second map shows the rapid transit line to Island Bay, with improved bus service to the eastern suburbs via Haiti’s existing bus tunnel.

The second map also shows a “long tunnel” from The Terrace to Cobham Drive – although the tunnel has already been excluded.

Let’s Get Wellington Moving program director David Dunlop could not confirm whether card options will be included for public comment, but said a shortlist will be released in early November.

Trams similar to the Newcastle Tramway are an option being considered by Let's Get Wellington Moving.

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Trams similar to the Newcastle Tramway are an option being considered by Let’s Get Wellington Moving.

“As part of the business cases for rapid transit, enhancements to the basin reserve and an additional Mount Victoria tunnel, we are examining a range of potential program options and weighing them against our Goals,” he said.

“Until this business case is completed and approved by our partners, we cannot rule out any options.

“The indicative business case for rapid transit and strategic highway improvements is expected to be completed by mid-next year.

Rapid public transport, cycling and pedestrian links to the city center are among the major projects of the LGWM program.


Rapid public transport, cycling and pedestrian links to the city center are among the major projects of the LGWM program.

“Prior to that, starting in early November of this year, we plan to engage with the public on a shortlist of program options. Public comments will help our partners agree on a preferred program to do. move forward for a detailed investigation. “

Let’s Get Wellington Moving is a joint $ 6.4 billion program managed by the Waka Kotahi NZ transport agency, Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council.

The 20-year project is designed to solve the capital’s transportation challenges, with particular emphasis on reducing car dependency and carbon emissions.


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