Punjab: Distrustful of action, private operators remove buses from the road: The Tribune India


Karam Prakash

Tribune press service

Patiala, October 15

Following a crackdown, many private bus operators pulled their buses off the road that were operating without a license. In the past two weeks, many operators have reportedly stopped their buses on key routes to avoid action.

A main player on the Patiala-Ropar route has already reduced its buses by 70%, while another has withdrawn its Volvo buses on the Chandigarh-Bathinda route.

Transport Minister Amrinder Singh Raja Warring on Friday during a surprise visit to Patiala bus station. Photo: Rajesh Sachar

A senior PRTC official said: “Many private operators shut down the service after the government started impounding the buses. Therefore, we will be running more buses on these routes. “

PRTC officials claimed their income increased by Rs 17 lakh per day after regular inspections by Transport Minister Amrinder Singh Raja Warring. Daily income had increased from Rs 1.70 crore to Rs 1.87 crore, they said.

Warring, during an inspection at the Patiala bus stop, said the government would continue to impound all private buses traveling without paying tax to the government. “We won’t spare anyone. The crackdown so far is just a trailer, ”he said.

The minister claimed that there were still many private buses operating on the roads without paying tax to the government. “In the next few days, we will settle the liability of officials,” he said.

Meanwhile, PRTC conductor Milkha Singh, 28, was honored by Warring for being “the best conductor”. Warring presented the conductor 5,100 rupees for his dedication.

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