Police cars attacked during sideshows in Antioch, two suspects chased in Elk Grove arrested

An Antioch police car was attacked during a sideshow at 18 and A streets on Saturday evening May 14, 2022. Video screenshot

“I ask parents to be responsible for their children” – Antioch Policand Ssilver green

“Is this what our community has come to? The surrounding police. – Mayor Pro Tem Barbanica

By Allen D. Payton

On Saturday evening May 14, 2022, attendees and spectators of two side shows in Antioch attacked police cruisers, resulting in the arrest of two suspects following a CHP chase in Elk Grove. The first show was at the intersection of Lone Tree Way and Blue Rock Drive/Golf Course Road. The second occurred at 18th and A streets

During the first sideshow, two suspects in a car threw bottles at an Antioch police car, resulting in a chase of the suspects’ vehicle. A CHP officer took over the chase which ended with the suspects having their car run over in Elk Grove. Antioch officers arrived and arrested the two men.

During the second show, several bystanders attacked at least one vehicle of an APD officer. Other agents arrived a few minutes later according to a resident. A video of the incident shared by a resident was posted by Mayor Pro Tem Mike Barbanica on his YouTube channel. It was originally posted on Instagram and shows the officer’s vehicle driving slowly through the intersection as several people kick, punch and jump on the car and shout vulgarities. (Warning: Bad language)

A resident who witnessed the second sideshow shared the following with the Herald on Sunday morning: ‘There was a very dangerous sideshow at the intersection of 18th and A Street in Antioch last night. It was so bad that about 50 people swarmed into an APD vehicle and tried to break the windows and dented the police vehicle enough. I thought the officer was going to be taken out of his car and beaten. His life was truly in mortal danger. This APD officer had extreme restraint in not moving the car quickly to save his life. He still drove at about 3 mph so as not to run over any of these people who were attacking him and his vehicle. He had no backup at the time until a few minutes later when other APD vehicles arrived on the scene…I tell you to be there nearby to see him in person. It was very scary.

She provided an update on Monday: ‘I called the non-emergency number this morning and asked if the officer was okay. They told me he was, but the damage to his vehicle was severe. They smashed his rear windshield and dented his vehicle. I told them I had seen this happen and was just praying they didn’t catch him and beat him.

Of the incidents, Barbanica wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday, “Is this where our community has come to? Surrounding police. When members of a community think it’s acceptable, enforcement needs to be significantly strengthened. No more, “They only express themselves”. It’s ridiculous. A zero tolerance approach is needed. I expect the ODA to investigate and identify each person in this video who commits a crime and write cases on each. This patrol unit has high damage. I contacted the chef. Also last night APD officers were attacked with bottles at another side show and these suspects were chased around the Sacramento area and arrested.

Mayor Lamar Thorpe, Acting Police Chief Steve Ford and Sergeant Rob Green held a press conference on the incidents Monday morning at the corner of East 18th and A streets, at which he said: “These sideshows cause unnecessary disruption, unnecessary delays, and needlessly put innocent lives at risk.

“These types of activities are not welcome in our city,” he added, reading prepared remarks. “If you come to Antioch, your vehicle will be impounded for 30 days, which will cost you and your parents $3,000. You will also receive a quote for $300.

“Most of the viewers don’t come from our communities or the cities they overwhelm with their side shows,” Thorpe continued. “Images and videos of bystanders attempting to damage public property endangering the lives of police officers are not acceptable by any stretch of the imagination and will not be tolerated in the city of Antioch.”

Ford said “these incidents involved the assault of an officer and the vandalism of a police vehicle.”

“These incidents pose a great danger to responders, participants and bystanders, as well as to the environment as a whole,” he continued.

“Violent and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated,” Ford added. “Going forward, there will be a zero-tolerance approach to sideshows in the city of Antioch and all resources at my disposal will be used to mitigate these activities.”

“We are investigating with great effort to identify those who were there and their specific role and activity,” the acting chief said. “All those identified will be met to the fullest extent of the law.”

“If you think you got away with side shows from the past, please understand, we’ll do our research, come to your house and confiscate your vehicles after side activity,” Ford concluded. “Do not facilitate or participate in side shows in the city of Antioch.”

Antioch Police Sgt. Department Traffic Unit Manager Rob Green speaks to the media Monday, May 16, 2022. Video screenshot

Sergeant Green, Traffic Unit Manager, then spoke up, saying, “For those citizens I’ve been getting complaints about side shows from, just know that we’re listening and doing everything we can. in return. We may not be able to go right in the middle of a secondary show. We create proactive patrols. We monitor various outlets to predict when these side shows are coming. We work with our partners throughout the East County area.

“I also want to thank the citizens who constantly call, provide us with videos, provide us with information to help us solve this crime,” he continued. “We will continue to investigate this matter. For those who live in this city, please know that this is not how you show love for your city. We will continue to work and remove these cars from side shows. . »

“The participants in these side shows, a lot of them are underage,” Green said. “I want the parents who buy these young people these very powerful cars…any accident, any problem, it will be up to the parents. So I ask parents to be responsible for their children.

“Throughout the night, several vehicles were hit by bottles,” he said in response to questions from the media.

“The vehicle was damaged to the point of inoperability,” Green said of the police vehicle in the video.

“As soon as we are aware of a secondary activity, we notify surrounding agencies and we usually respond and help each other,” he said in response to another question. “A lot of times it’s not the police, law enforcement that end the show, it happens when there are major fights or shootouts between the actual participants.”

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