Plank Road Bus Rapid Transit Moves Ahead



Mayor Sharon Weston Broom today announced that the city is moving forward in its efforts to create a 9-mile high-speed bus route from Plank Road to Nicholson Drive, formally accepting a $ 15 million grant to fund the bus line.

The grant, funded by the Federal Transit Administration’s Better Utilizing Infrastructure to Leverage Development program, is now submitted to Metro Council for approval later today. With the acceptance of the grant, the project can move on to the design and authorization phase.

The Parish City will oversee the planning, design and construction of the project, executing a cooperative agreement with CATS to define the roles and responsibilities of the agency during all phases of the project before handing over all operations to CATS.

Earlier this year, the BRT project merged with two MovEBR projects on the bus line to improve the efficiency and positioning of northern Baton Rouge for other federal grant projects.

According to Broome’s announcement, the $ 53.6 million BRT project will be realized through “unprecedented partnerships formed to leverage local, state and federal funding” to connect north and south Baton Rouge with a high frequency transit service. In addition to the federal grant, funding is provided through DOTD, CATS, and the MovEBR program. Learn more about the old bus line Daily report editions.


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