Pink Bermuda Street Cars in Canada



September 1, 2010

The pink-colored streetcars are now visible in parts of Canada as part of the Bermuda Department of Tourism’s (BDOT) latest promotional launch in Canada. In recent months, Canada has been at the center of the concerns of the Bermuda Department of Tourism (BDOT).

The first was the launch of the WestJet direct service in May and last month the BDOT carried out an outreach initiative by hosting a luncheon for several members of some of Canada’s most influential media.

This week, BDOT deployed two trams wrapped in bright pink Bermuda signage as part of their ongoing efforts to raise awareness of this important front door market.

Director of Tourism William Griffith said today: “This is all part of our strategy to increase awareness of Bermuda in Canada. We are looking to grow this market and to do this we need to make sure that we engage in innovative ways that will set us apart from other vacation destinations.

Mr Griffith continued, “From September to November, these hot pink double decker trams will be positioned in high traffic areas daily. When Canadians see these carts, we want them to not only think of Bermuda, but we want to get them to book an island vacation. We are therefore delighted with this promotional initiative.

This week’s streetcar exhibit kicks off ahead of an upcoming Canadian Road Show scheduled for September 13-16. The Road Show will see hoteliers and local partners descend on the Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal markets, and will target travel agents and tour operators.

Rose for Canada photo 2

This latest marketing event follows the pink cabs in London earlier this year and the Love Truck exhibition in New York last summer.

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