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A large number of commuters traveling to the hinterland to celebrate the New Year with their families found themselves stranded in the Nyabugogo bus station on December 31, their numbers exceeding the capacity of the public transport companies dedicated to these. routes.

New times investigated the offices of the companies that hired the passengers and found long queues as tickets were already sold out for some routes around 3:30 p.m.

“I am going to the district of Musanze but from 4:00 pm, the passengers with RITCO going to the districts of Rubavu and Musanze cannot get tickets because they are already sold out. They tell us that no available bus can carry us, ”said Mutoni Anitha, going to Musanze district.

This document revealed that only passengers traveling to Huye and Ngororero could obtain tickets to be able to travel with RITCO.

MoiseUfitumukiza going to Musanze district was queuing to go to Musanze district with Virunga Express.

However, only tickets for passengers departing at 6:00 p.m. were available.

“Those who go to Rubavu cannot even get a ticket as we speak. I think companies should increase or hire more buses during the holiday season, when people are flocking to the interior of the country, ”he said around 4:00 pm.

Another passenger Jean Pierre Munyaziboneye said he reached the terminal around 12:00 p.m. and needed to be vaccinated first as required.

“I have to go to Ngororero but I’m still in the queue. I tried Kivu Belt comoany and found a long queue and now am trying RITCO, ”he said.

A spot check by New times found that Volcano Express, among others, was also overwhelmed with passengers.

With the company Volcano, tickets for passengers to Huye district were only available to passengers departing from January 1, 2022 while those who had tickets for December 31 to Muhanga, Nyanza, Ruhango were still long queues.

Mood before New Year in other companies

This newspaper also toured different bustling areas such as markets and others.

In Nyarugenge District Town Market, Mutangana Market, Nyabugogo Modern Market, and Kimironko Market, the most frequented places were those selling meat, fruit and other food items.

“My sales since Thursday have gone from 30,000 Rwf to 100,000 Rwf per day. More and more people are buying lemons, oranges, tree tomatoes and the like, ”said Solange Uwamariya, a fruit seller in Kimironko.

The price of lemon was between 2,500 and 3,000 Rwf per kilo, tree tomatoes at 1,000 Rwf, oranges at 1,000 Rwf, passion fruit at 1,500 Rwf per kilo.

Mediator Mukeshimana, who owns a meat shop, said her sales had quadrupled from normal days.

A kilogram of beef was sold for 3,500 Rwf, which is an increase over normal days, according to consumers.

Mixed reactions

While motorcyclists expected to enjoy an increase in passenger numbers thanks to the mood in the run-up to the New Year, some told this newspaper that the rains which lasted for a few hours in the morning and after -mid days have reduced their income.

“I expected to have 5,000 Rwf by 12:00 noon. I only received 2,000 Rwf due to the rains which disturbed us,” said Alex Munyarubuga.

Another racing driver, Faustin Nyirimanzi, said he expected 7,000 Rwf at 2:00 p.m. but only generated 3,500 Rwf by that time.

“We hope to be able to enjoy the afternoon atmosphere,” he said.

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