Neighbors in Guilford County say road construction damaged their cars


GUILFORD COUNTY, NC (WGHP) – People living along McPherson Clay Road in Guilford County want someone to pay for the damage the road construction has caused to their vehicles.

Over the summer, NCDOT and a private contractor, Carolina Road Solutions, began repairing and resurfacing the road. Neighbors told FOX8 they were happy to see the repairs begin, and then the problems started to pile up.

People living in the area noticed black tar marks on their cars that would not come off. After some research, Josh Donaldson says it was a faulty sealant that seeped through the top layer of gravel.

All of his cars have markings on the bottom. When he took the cars to a repair shop, the mechanic told him it would be at least $ 1,000 for each car.

That’s when he started asking questions about who was in charge.

“I don’t know where the liability ends and where it ends, I know as an owner I don’t own this road, that’s what I understand, the North Carolina road, I can’t fix it, I can’t handle it, ”Donaldson said. “There is nothing I can do about it, but yet I have to drive on it every day. “

FOX8 has contacted NCDOT. They confirmed that Carolina Road Solutions did the job. The spokesperson said NCDOT was not responsible for damage caused by contractors.

Donaldson searched for months for Carolina Road Solutions. He finally found the right number and set up three different meetings with people from the company to come and take a look at his cars.

They never showed up and they stopped answering his calls.

“Outside of our homes, the most expensive thing of the month for most people is your car, we work hard, we have beautiful things, and when they are damaged you expect there to be an insurance process in place to recover. Donaldson said.

Donaldson was able to obtain the information relating to the company’s general liability coverage. He filed a claim but has not heard from again when he was able to see the money to fix his cars.

FOX8 has contacted Carolina Road Solutions for more information on the situation.


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