Milwaukee County Bus Rapid Transit Project Updates: Please continue to obey traffic and pedestrian signs

The existing MCTS stop at 12th Street and Wisconsin Avenue will be converted into a state-of-the-art BRT platform stop.

Construction will continue on campus through at least the end of August for eastbound and westbound bus stops on 12th and 16th Streets and Wisconsin Avenue for the new Milwaukee County Transit System. Bus Rapid Transit Service (BRT).

There will always be lane and crosswalk closures as construction progresses – please pay attention to construction signage and allow extra time if using these routes. A map of pedestrian routes is available online available online.

MCTS has provided the following updates:

  • Pedestrian access to the westbound 12th Street stop is expected to be restored by August 12.
  • The eastbound crosswalk crossing Wisconsin Avenue at 12th Street will remain closed until construction of the eastbound stop is complete.
  • Construction of the eastbound stop at 10th Street and Wisconsin Avenue will be halted August 20-28 to accommodate Straz Tower move-in activity.

MCTS is fully funding and managing the project that will connect downtown Milwaukee to the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center in Wauwatosa. The two MCTS stops on campus will be converted into new state-of-the-art platform stops, which will help improve pedestrian rights-of-way and campus aesthetics. Additionally, the stops will feature lane drop-offs that will improve pedestrian safety by helping to alleviate excessive speed on Wisconsin Avenue. Additional grade drops will be installed on Wisconsin Avenue at 14th and 15th Streets.

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