Mercedes-Benz Turk presents buses with 41 different innovations



mercedes benz turk brings its buses with different innovations to bus enthusiasts

Mercedes-Benz Turk, leader of the Turkish intercity bus market, which started offering 2021 different innovations in models of buses for 41 people in the light of comments from passengers, drivers, hosts / hostesses, companies and customers, presents these innovations with a special event. At the event to be held August 27-15 at Istanbul Martyrs Bus Station Fair and Exhibition Area, industry employees and passengers had the opportunity to take a close look Mercedes-Benz Travego 16 2 + 1 and Tourismo 15 2 + 2 buses. , while getting information from the innovation authorities. has a chance to get it. At the same time, brochures with details on the various 2021 innovations that Mercedes-Benz Türk will offer in its 41-train intercity buses are being distributed to visitors.

New buses equipped with the latest technologies, focused on customer comfort

By putting the safe and comfortable travel experience of people at the center of its concerns and priority, Mercedes-Benz Turk is setting the “new standards” in travel with the innovations it offers in its buses in 2021.

The new standards are summarized under 3 main headings:

  1. New safety standards
  2. New standards of comfort
  3. New standards of economical driving

1. New safety standards

Side Guard Assist: Thanks to this equipment which contributes to the safety of the driver, pedestrians and other drivers, while the buses turn right and while driving; Safer overtaking, a reduction in the risk of accidents during take-offs and low-speed journeys, and a better perception of pedestrians and vehicles waiting at traffic lights.

Attention aid: This equipment, which aims to increase driving safety by warning drivers who drive without rest, monitors driver behavior when cruising above 60 km / h and recommends that the driver take a break with visual warning and vibration in the event of careless driver behavior.

Turn on the light : The new headlights, which offer increased cornering safety, are activated at speeds below 40 km / h or when the signal is activated. At these times, the fog lights turn into cornering lights. While the lighting effect is increased, the driver can maneuver safely and conveniently.

Stop & Go Assistant: This equipment, which can be described as a step on the road to autonomous driving, contributes to driving comfort and safety. The vehicle can move automatically after being immobilized for less than two seconds. When the stopping time exceeds two seconds, driving resumes if the driver presses the accelerator pedal or the function button on the steering wheel.

In addition to this equipment in Mercedes-Benz buses; Parking Sensor / Assistant, which gives a visual warning with colored LED lights on the side mirrors, and Hill Start Support, which prevents unwanted forward and reverse travel and makes takeoff and maneuvering more comfortable, are also offered as standard.

In all Mercedes-Benz intercity buses manufactured from 2021 onwards, high-performance particulate filters with new antiviral effects are offered as standard against the Covid-19 epidemic, while a new air conditioning system is offered as an option. . Thanks to the new air conditioning system, the air inside the buses can be completely changed every two minutes. With this equipment, which can be added to existing buses in addition to new bus controls, safer and more relaxed journeys can be made. The new equipment was developed thanks to the collaboration of the Mercedes-Benz Türk Hoşdere Bus R&D center with teams in Germany. Software updates are available for air conditioning on passenger buses, which can further increase the clean air ratio. This additional fresh air content of the air conditioner clearly reduces the risk of infection for drivers and passengers. Multilayer and progressively structured high performance particulate filters also have an antiviral functional layer. Active filters; It can be used for ceiling air conditioner, recirculation air filters and front case air conditioner. Active filters, suitable for interurban and city buses, can be optionally applied to existing vehicles. Vehicles equipped with active filters are also marked with a sticker on the passenger doors that the passenger can see.

2. New standards of comfort

Developing new equipment according to market demands, Mercedes-Benz is adapting its global products to local needs in 2021 and offering more comfort equipment not only for passengers but also for everyone on the bus.

USB units are offered as standard in all passenger seats, marking a first in the bus industry. Tools can be loaded. Thanks to manufactured USBs compatible with the electrical infrastructure of buses, the level of safety and comfort of vehicles increases. In double seats, the double USB ports are located in the middle of the seat, while in 2 + 1 seats, the USB ports are positioned on the side wall. Lighting is also provided at the USB ports, providing easy access during overnight trips.

Thanks to the new seat rail system offered to companies that will prefer a new Mercedes-Benz bus in a 2 + 1 seat configuration, it is easier to reposition the seats and avoid loss of value.

3. New standards of economical driving

Mercedes-Benz buses, which set a new standard in the industry with the new Economy Driving Package; With its predictive driving system, automatic lowering of the body, tire pressure monitoring and Eko driving assistant, it saves up to 4% on fuel. The Powershift automatic transmission is standard in this new economy driving package. MB GO 250-8 Powershift works as an 8 forward 1 reverse automatic transmission system. Thanks to the gearbox, which reduces fuel consumption with quick and optimal gear changes, the clutch pedal is also removed. With the new transmission, the driving condition of the driver increases and thus a greater contribution can be made to road safety.

Thanks to the Predictive Driving System (PPC), Mercedes-Benz offers fuel economy and comfort. The system, which optimizes shift times and gear selection using digital road maps and GPS information covering 95% of European and Turkish highways, contributes to fuel savings.

The predictive driving system can go above or below the speed registered in the cruise control system by a certain tolerance. When this system is used with all its functions, it not only saves fuel, but also relieves the driver of the burden.

With the automatic body lowering function, when the vehicle reaches a speed of 80 km / h, an advantage in air friction is obtained thanks to the body lowering by 20 mm. This system, which has a positive effect on fuel consumption, works automatically. When the vehicle speed drops below 60 km / h, this time the body rises 20 mm and becomes its standard position. The automatic body lowering system makes a significant contribution in the areas of economy, environment and safety.


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