Man with terminal cancer sent to prison for stabbing death



MADISON, Wisconsin (AP) – A Wisconsin man convicted of a knife death in 2019 was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Friday, following his family’s requests for clemency over his diagnosis of terminal cancer.

Lew Jefferson, 60, of Madison, was convicted last month of reckless first degree homicide in the murder of Amanda Woods, 30, whose family opposed probation.

While acknowledging Jefferson’s age and the likelihood of him having little time to live, Assistant District Attorney William Brown said probation would be “absolutely inappropriate” and added that Jefferson didn’t care that Brown be young.

Two of Jefferson’s brothers, Tyrone and Anthony Austin, described Jefferson as a once kind and caring person who had a difficult upbringing. The “seedy world of drug dealing and drug use takes people to their lowest level,” said Tyrone Austin, who, along with her brother, expressed condolences to Woods’ family.

Judge Julie Genovese said she was unsure whether it was mental illness or some other factor that caused Jefferson to act the way he does, the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

“Maybe there is just some evil in him,” she said.


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