Los Angeles Rapid Air Transit Project Provides Update on Release of Draft EIR

The private group planning to build the rapid air transport project between Union Station and Dodger Stadium – known as Los Angeles Aerial Rapid Transit (LA ART) – recently sent a letter informing those interested in the project that the commitment community will continue in 2022.

The project team will spend the first half of 2022 meeting with residents, businesses and organizations to gather feedback and refine the project. It is expected that the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) will then be made public this summer. An important reminder: the LA ART project is not a Metro project; however, Metro is the agency responsible for the environmental review process under state law.

We invite you to keep up to date with the progress of this project by visiting the LA ART website at www.laart.la . There you will see the latest presentation from the community update meeting of June 2021. The LA ART Outreach Team notes that In 2021, the team spoke with more 12,000 households and met near 60 organizations from Chinatown, El Pueblo, Solano Canyon, and Mission Junction, as well as state park, metro, and city officials from Los Angeles.

These conversations have led to project developments such as the project Community Access Program, which will ensure affordable journeys for those who live and work along the route, and the selection of broadway line-up, the preferred layout of the project with an intermediate station in Chinatown.

Here are some renders courtesy of LA ART:

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