LAMATA to deploy CNG pilot buses for passenger operation

In In an effort to reduce exhaust emissions into the atmosphere from public transport buses, the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) has initiated the pilot phase of the use of natural gas powered buses compressed (CNG) for passenger operations on Marina/CMS for Lekki and Ajah-Epe bus lines.

As part of the pilot phase, 10 high occupancy vehicles would be deployed for the service.

The operation franchised to a bus operating company named Femadec will gradually increase the number of buses to 100 after data proves the sustainability of using CNG.

Over the years, LAMATA has been involved in studies to find alternative fuel energy sources in transportation operations. The deployment of CNG powered buses will provide useful data for future decision on wide healthy use of these buses for passenger transport operations in Lagos.

CNG burns cleaner and reduces carbon monoxide by more than 80% compared to traditional gasoline and diesel. CNG-powered vehicles also run quieter than gasoline and diesel vehicles, resulting in less noise pollution.

The bus operating company will have its operational base at Ajah Terminal and will use the bus shelters along the Lekki-Epe corridor for its operation.

The fare card, Cowry, will be used to pay for services on the buses.

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