KMA will introduce rapid transport system


As part of efforts to reduce congestion in the metropolis of Kumasi and other neighboring municipalities, the mayor of Kumasi, Samuel Pyne, revealed that the assembly is introducing a rapid transit system.

He said modern parking systems are also being built at strategic locations to help reduce the indiscriminate parking of vehicles, which worsens the traffic situation.

The assembly is optimistic about the possibility of drastically reducing traffic jams in Kumasi thanks to a partnership with the French Embassy.

Speaking at the launch of the sustainable urban mobility plan in Kumasi, Pyne noted that the initiative will enhance economic development in Greater Kumasi.

“You all understand the number of hours people stay in traffic before undertaking various economic and social enterprises and the cost to the nation and the people. Therefore, it is important that we take this project to heart and make sure it works well and becomes sustainable too.

“It helps us to solve a lot of these problems and if we are able to get the BRT on board, we will also decongest the city of a lot of vehicles and get more vehicles,” he said.

The BRT terminal in Kenyasi, a suburb of Kumasi, has not been operational, although the inhabitants demanded its operationalization to help reduce transportation problems.

In 2018, the government allocated 60 buses to the KMA for the full implementation of the BRT.


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