Kenya: PSVs use Green Park terminal to take only 20 minutes, 3 vehicles per sacco

Public service vehicles that will be using the soon to be launched Green Park Bus Terminal will only need to take 20 minutes to the terminal.

In regulations issued by Nairobi Metropolitan Services, each sacco or company will be required to have a maximum of three vehicles at the terminal at any given time.

“Sacco members will be required to conduct their business in an orderly manner and all vehicles must be compliant, meeting established standards and regulatory requirements,” NMS said.

Vandalism and vehicle repairs at the terminal have also been banned.

As part of measures to ensure order, NMS said each route will have two staff members who will assist with terminal operations.

Express vehicles must be removed from the management queue and vehicles must respect clearly labeled berths.

“There will be no pick-up or drop-off of passengers and undesignated locations, including the entire section of the exit route,” NMS said.

In addition, all staff, including drivers, conductors and marshals, will be required to have badges with their names, photos and sacco/company name.

According to NMS, the Green Park Terminus has a capacity of handling 300 to 350 vehicles at any one time, handling around 1,000 PSV per hour and up to 20,000 PSV per day.

The Green Park Bus Terminus is among the new designated terminuses being built by NMS as part of Nairobi’s Integrated Urban Development Master Plan and Decongestion Strategy under which Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) will terminate outside the CBD.

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