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Boston is on a roll.

The Universe Hub bus system is undergoing a long overdue transformation. From network overhaul and further electrification to completely redesigned streets designed for better bus service, the experience of thousands of daily passengers in the region is better than it has been since. decades. The evolution of bus lanes and elements of the BRT is visible across the region in municipalities like Somerville, Everett, Chelsea and Boston where streets are transformed to support public health and an integrated transportation system as a strategy for recovery in the event of a pandemic as well as to fight against climate change, traffic jams and to build a better and more equitable region.

Massachusetts is emerging as a national transit champion by giving space to buses and seeking to build the BRT, although there is still work to be done to fill gaps in the network. The leadership of elected officials, community members and other regional collaborators has energized all bus improvement projects, showing what can be done in just a few years and inspiring a future that prioritizes buses and the people who use them. depend.

This revolution is televised (below):


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