Hertfordshire-Essex Rapid Transit plans a work in progress



Hertfordshire County Council has announced its ambitions for a new sustainable transport link – the Hertfordshire-Essex Rapid Transit (HERT) – although the authority admitted it had not decided what the link actually would be .

Whether the HERT is a tram or rapid bus system for example, as well as the exact route it will take remains to be determined based on detailed technical studies and a public engagement process in the fall. .

A picture of what the service might look like

The council aims to improve the passenger transportation network through “an accessible, reliable and affordable east-west system” to help cope with the region’s major expansion and provide more sustainable travel.

Over the next 15 years, Hertfordshire is forecasting over 100,000 new jobs and over 100,000 new homes to meet local needs.

The council said: “The HERT will be a rapid transit system – the first of its kind in Hertfordshire. As a new sustainable passenger transport network, the HERT will transport many more people than a conventional private car and offer more convenience, reliability and frequency than a traditional bus service. ‘

One possible model for the system could be the Belfast’s Glider – a special bus service that connects to the wider Translink bus and rail networks to provide a convenient integrated network.

“One of the main features of the project will be the development of transport hubs, connecting the planned cycling and walking routes to the HERT network, creating a homogeneous integrated system, and helping to reduce traffic jams and pollution and improve the quality of transport. ‘air for the residents of Hertfordshire,’ the council said.

Richard Roberts, Head of Council and Chairman of the Hertfordshire Growth Board, said: “Sustainable travel is one of the most important aspects of our plans to create a greener Hertfordshire, and investing in this new transport initiative for linking West Hertfordshire to West Essex is a clear step forward in realizing our ambitions.

“The new public transportation system will provide a fast, reliable and convenient way to travel across the county and support our ambitions to enable all residents to live healthy and fulfilling lives in thriving and prosperous communities.”

The board is in the process of creating the strategic business case for the project to submit to government, and in the fall it will undertake public engagement on the principles and vision behind the system.

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