Green initiatives at KCI’s new terminal

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When passengers exit the new terminal at Kansas City, Missouri International Airport, they will have a much “greener” experience. The city’s Deputy Director of Aviation, Justin Meyer, told KSHB 41 News some of the initiatives that might fly under a traveler’s radar.

First, Meyer said passengers will surely notice the huge windows on almost all sides of the new terminal.

“They will see how much daylight we use to save on lighting and energy costs,” Meyer said.

It is estimated that the new terminal will use 20% less energy than current terminals. New, more efficient and smarter technology is part of the reason.

The new terminal will use less fossil fuel than current terminals. Solar panels cover the south side of the new parking lot and will generate electricity to power the garage.

The airport’s electric buses will be able to recharge their batteries wirelessly when they stop to load and unload passengers. The airport has installed inductive charging stations in the new terminal, the first airport in the country to use this technology.

“These buses will be able to stay in service 24/7, if necessary,” said Bob Kacergis, business manager of Momentum Dynamics, the company that designed the skates.

KCI is asking airlines to switch their ground vehicles, such as those that carry luggage to planes, to electric vehicles.

During the dismantling of terminal A to make way for the new terminal, the teams were able to recycle 98% of the materials. The steel rebar was cut into manageable pieces and transported to recycling facilities. Most of the concrete has become gravel.

“We’ve used it on surface roads around the 11,000 acres the airport sits on,” Meyer pointed out.

The initiatives will help the airport earn LEED Gold certification, which Meyer says should make passengers proud.

“In all aspects of our lives, we are responsible for caring for this land,” Meyer said. “We see a great responsibility here at the Department of Aviation to do all we can to be good stewards as well.”

Construction of the terminal is on track to be completed by the March 3, 2023 deadline.

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