Great Heathrow Shuffle – Iberia flights will move to Terminal 3

If you fly Iberia or American Airlines of London Heathrow, you will need to verify your terminal, from July 12the two airlines will switch from Terminal 5 at Terminal 3.

It’s time for Iberia to leave Terminal 5 – Image, Economy Class and Beyond.

The big date you need to note is the Tuesday July 12.

Iberia will move all of its operations to Terminal 3 at London Heathrow Airport, to improve flight operations and customer service, create space for British Airways to centralize operations as it tries to familiar with the management of a summer operation.

All its flights will land and depart from this terminal, as well as those of its oneworld partner American Airlines. Meanwhile, most British Airways flights, including all flights to and from Spain, will operate from Terminal 5 at Heathrow.

New Iberia check-in area will be located in AreaCwhere passengers can check in their luggage, print their boarding pass and carry out any other operation with the Iberia team at the airport.

According to the airline

The services offered will be the same as in the previous terminal, including special services such as assistance for passengers in wheelchairs and unaccompanied minors, as well as access to the Fast Track and VIP lounges. Passengers traveling in Business class and Iberia Plus Oro, Platino and Infinita cardholders will be able to enjoy, under the same conditions as before, the Galleries Club and First VIP lounges, both located in Terminal 3.

In other words, provided your ticket or status allows it, you will be able to access Fast Track and the appropriate lounges (be it the BA Lounge, the vastly superior Cathay Lounge or the Qantas Lounge).


For passengers, they will be away from the wide open spaces of Terminal 5, towards the lower ceilings of Terminal 3. If they need to connect at Heathrow on British Airways flights, be prepared to allow extra time for a transfer to the terminal and to reclear security (as it’s a good 20 minutes on the buses if you’re airside – longer if you have to go through passport control and the ground side), more anytime to clear security.

For British Airways, it’s a chance for them to put their house in order as a busy and possibly chaotic summer looms, with their staff mostly centralized in one terminal, instead of being snuck into the Heathrow complex.

And this summer won’t be easier for any airline in Europe. The cuts during the pandemic are now coming back to haunt them.


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