Government doesn’t need to add free return buses to meet fare hike

Rising bus fares are inevitable when demand increases, while the number of buses in services does not increase

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The government must increase the number of buses carrying returning Eid travelers as a precaution against rising bus fares, a lawmaker has said.

“Rising bus fares are inevitable when demand increases, while the number of buses in services does not increase,” House of Representatives (DPR) Committee Member V Toriq Hidayat said in a statement. written published on Sunday.

He feared that the government’s failure to ensure that bus operators adhered to higher and lower bus fares would increase the burden on the public.

He understood the reasons for the increase in bus fares. One of the reasons is to offset the cost of running buses which usually have a low load factor when transporting travelers back from Eid to their home town.

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However, he did not want bus operators to increase the bus fare at will so that it exceeded the higher fare.

“Therefore, I appeal to the Ministry of Transport to ensure that this does not happen, including by making frequent unannounced visits to each main terminal and makeshift terminal during the return exodus period” , did he declare.

For its part, the Ministry of Transport must increase the quota of buses serving returning travellers.

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He estimated that the number of buses leased by the Ministry of Transport, which reached 686 for the Eid return program, is far from sufficient compared to previous forecasts.

“The Ministry of Transport can cooperate with regional governments and private parties in preparing buses for returning travellers. I think efforts to help low- and middle-income migrants will be commendable from them,” did he declare.

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