Downtown bus rapid transit line, stations remain a problem | Local government



DMI’s policy research team found that a modest delay in readjusting routes would not jeopardize federal funding, Ilstrup said.

“We have yet to find a project anywhere in the country since 2016 that has entered the FTA project development phase, where Madison is currently located, has suffered delays for a multitude of reasons and no ‘has not received full federal funding to carry out his project, “he said. “If we can show that a delay doesn’t mean we’ll lose federal funding, then maybe the board will take a closer look at the matter again. “

“Delays in the project introduce a risk in the use of federal funding,” argued Lynch. “The system would have to be reassessed by the FTA, which would affect the competitiveness of the project. Potential changes in administrations at three levels of government could affect funding levels and project agreements. “

If the project is delayed or rescheduled, FTA requires 4% inflation to be added to the project budget, possibly adding more than $ 5 million in annual costs, he said.

“I hope this (budget) amendment does not destroy what we have worked for so long, and with so many people in our community, to create,” said the mayor.


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