Dirt Bike, ATV Riders Throw Bricks At Philadelphia Police Cars – NBC10 Philadelphia

Authorities are looking for at least one suspect after they say a group of dirt bike and ATV riders surrounded Philadelphia police officers and strewn them with bricks, bottles and other items.

The Philadelphia Police Department released surveillance and body camera footage that shows at least 10 runners circling two marked police vehicles at a gas station and a man throwing a brick at the windshield of one of the vehicles.

This police SUV was also struck several times, according to the PPD. The video shows an officer between the two vehicles as the runners continue to circle before leaving.

The incident happened at a Lukoil gas station on Delaware Avenue and Spring Garden Street in Old Town around 8 p.m. on October 16. Officers were responding to the group driving their motorcycles and ATVs near the gas station.

A rider crashed his dirt bike near gas pumps and immediately fled, according to the police department. The bike he left behind had been reported stolen in New Jersey. As officers attempted to “secure” the bike, the crowd began circling and throwing objects at them, the PPD said.

The suspect who threw a brick at the police SUV was riding a red and white dirt bike. He wore a red hoodie and black sweatpants and wore a black balaclava.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the PPD. Anonymous tipsters can call or text 215-686-TIPS (8477).

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