Delhi airport will soon go green with 62 electric buses

Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport is going green by installing a total of 62 electric vehicles for its airside operations over the next four months. This includes the runway, taxiway and apron which are directly involved in the arrival and departure of aircraft at the airport. Also Read – Honda Could Soon Launch This Affordable Electric Scooter With 130km Range: See Pictures

With this decision, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,000 tons per year. This, in turn, is in line with DIAL’s broader goal of becoming a net zero emissions airport by 2030. Also Read – More Tata EVs to hit the road as company receives biggest order of 10,000 EVs

In addition to adding a fleet of 62 electric buses, DIAL also aims to install high voltage and fast charging terminals at specific locations within the airport grounds to meet the energy needs of these vehicles and facilitate their charging. by ground staff. Vehicles. Also Read – West Bengal to add 2,000 electric buses and convert 3,000 buses to CNG vehicles

As part of this program, DIAL works with equipment manufacturers to make the necessary modifications to electric vehicles in order to install specific equipment at the airport. It also works closely with airport stakeholders for the adoption of electric vehicles.

“We plan to phase out all light-duty petrol and diesel vehicles from Delhi Airport…Electric mobility, when combined with appropriate ground support, technology and infrastructure, presents a viable alternative to reduce vehicle emissions at the airport,” DIAL CEO Videh Kumar Jaipuria said in a statement to ANI.

“DIAL also plans to source 100% of its electricity from renewable sources. This will ensure that the electricity used to charge these vehicles is also emission-free,” he added.

At present, DIAL is using electric buses to transport people from Delhi Airport Terminal 3 to the Passenger Transport Center building. Buses run between these locations every 20 minutes.

In addition to this, Delhi Airport also uses Electric Vehicles, Electric Airport Cleaners, Electric Airport Charging Stations and TaxiBots. “Delhi Airport is the first airport in the world to take this initiative. The adoption of Taxibot has reduced the significant amount of aviation turbine fuel consumption by aircraft for ground movement. There are also electric buses that facilitate the transit of passengers to and from flights,” DIAL explained in a separate article.

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