Changi Airport Terminal 4 welcomes passengers from September 13, 2022

Changi Airport Group (CAG) welcomes passengers to Terminal 4 (T4) from September 13, 2022.

The reopening of T4 will ensure that the air hub can meet the growing demand for air travel as it approaches the end-of-year travel peak.

Since May 2022, CAG has been conducting operational readiness trials with airlines and airport partners to ensure the smooth restart of operations in Q4.

With a capacity of 16 million passengers per year and 21 contact gates1, this will support airline plans to launch more flights. (See Appendix A for the list of T4 airlines moving in September.)

First flights at reopened T4

The first flight to arrive at Q4 on September 13 will be a Cathay Pacific CX739 from Hong Hong with an estimated arrival time of 3:05 p.m.

The first departure flight at T4 will be CX716 to Hong Kong with a scheduled departure time of 6:00 p.m.

Check-in facilities will open at 2:00 p.m. that day.

Passengers traveling on Korean Air KE646 to Seoul (Incheon) scheduled to depart on September 13 at 01:10 a.m. should note that the flight will depart from Terminal 1.

T4 has state-of-the-art automation and technology

Opened in 2017, T4 is Changi’s newest terminal with a high degree of automation throughout the airport journey, from check-in to boarding, allowing passengers to check in at their convenience and airlines to benefit from productivity gains.

It won the President’s Design Award Singapore for its innovative redesign of the airport experience.

T4’s Fast And Seamless Travel (FAST) check-in process also received the Techblazer Award for Best Technology Adoption for a Smart Airport.

The extensive use of technology extends to security screening, where the application of advanced 3D screening technology allows passengers to keep laptops and tablets in their bags during the screening process.

Additionally, a 70m wide immersive digital wall that spans the entire length of the security screening area, presents passengers with scenes of beautiful destinations and whimsical travel-related videos, turning the whole experience into a a sensory and positively surprising experience.

Rest and relax before flights

In addition to duty-free shopping in the transit area, passengers can also expect the reopening of stores such as Charles & Keith and TWG Tea at T4.

Duty-free shopping on arrival at Shilla Duty Free and Lotte Duty Free are also available for passengers.

Various dining options, including restaurants, food courts and food kiosks, will provide a variety of culinary choices, both in public areas and on public transport. (See Appendix B for the full list of retail and restaurant options available in T4.)

More shopping and dining options will gradually become available in the coming months.

Besides shopping, popular attractions such as the Heritage Area (with theatrical performances “Peranakan Love Story” and “Nanyang Blossom”), unique works of art such as Petalclouds and Traveling Family, as well as the beautiful “Steel Garden” in Bloom” will be reopened for passengers to enjoy.

Chandelier, the new T4 playground will also be open.

This 16m high play structure, built from crimson red climbing ropes, allows young and old to climb as they please before taking off.

A tube slide was also added to the play area, so passengers could choose to slide from the departure staging area to the play area, instead of taking the elevator.

Blossom, the paid lounge, will be reopened.

The lounge offers a full range of facilities and services including modern showers and a delicious range of food and beverages.

Free landside and airside shuttles will connect T4 to the other terminals for passengers and visitors.

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