Cebu Bus Station Exec to Drivers: Take a Bath, Be Presentable to Passengers

BUS drivers working for Cebu South and North Bus Terminals who do not shower, have bad body odor and do not wear appropriate clothing will no longer be allowed to enter the two terminals.

This was the warning from Carmen Quijano, manager of Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT) and Cebu North Bus Terminal (CNBT), on Friday, September 16, 2022.

Quijano told reporters she had received complaints from some passengers that some bus drivers at the two bus terminals were not observing good hygiene practices while on duty.

“Whenever I received these complaints, I often drew the attention of bus drivers,” Quijano told Cebuano.

Quijano reminded CSBT and CNBT bus drivers of the importance of observing good hygiene practices, especially that their job is to look after people traveling to towns across the province.

Besides failing to observe good hygiene, Quijano said bus drivers who have inappropriate haircuts and wear inappropriate clothing, such as sleeveless shirts and shorts, will be banned from entering both terminals.

Shirtless drivers are also prohibited from entering both terminals, Quijano said.

Although she did not require them to wear expensive clothes, Quijano urged bus drivers to wear clothes that will make them presentable to their passengers, especially tourists who will take advantage of the buses to get to the tourist sites in the province.

“Wa man ta mag ingon nga nindot gyud ang sanina pero at least ba presentable ba, dili nga mag sul-ob ta anang gisi-gisi, unya tag-as kaayo’g buhok, tag-as kaayo’g bungot mao na nanuyo ko ba,” Quijano added.

(I’m not saying they should buy expensive clothes, as long as they look presentable. We won’t allow them if they wear ragged shirts and pants, or have long hair and beards. This really bothers me to see them like that.)

Bus drivers too

Apart from conductors, Quijano also urged bus drivers to observe good hygiene, including wearing proper footwear while at the terminal.

The wearing of shoes follows Circular Memorandum (MC) 2011-004 issued by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) which requires drivers of public utility vehicles to wear shoes.

Violators of MC 2011-004 may be fined up to P2,000 for the first offense to P5,000 and deductible waived for the third offense.

Quijano added that for now they will be issuing verbal warnings to bus drivers and errant drivers about its new policy. If they do not comply, they will be barred from entering the terminal, she added. (ANV/JKV)

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