CATS Sets Up ‘Bus Rapid Transit System’, Says Plan Makes Transit More Efficient in Baton Rouge


BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (WAFB) – Officials from the Capital Area Transit System (CATS) say the proposed new Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT) will streamline public transportation in Baton Rouge, speeding up routes through the city and moving people point to point effectively.

Currently, only one route is under construction for Baton Rouge. CATS is working to streamline transit via Plank Road from North Baton Rouge to downtown Baton Rouge. The route would have 22 stops. The entire route would take 41 minutes according to CATS, but each stop would have a bus every 15 minutes.

Proposed route for CATS ‘new bus rapid transit system.(Capital region transit system)

“What we have today works on very many routes, many buses and what BRT offers that the current system does not offer is still a well defined and well marked route system which again offers reliability and predictability that the current system cannot do, ”said Bryan Jones, a consultant with HNTB Corporation who was hired by the ward to design the BRT.

During a tour of the road, Baton Rouge Mayor Sharon Weston Broome touted the improvements to public transit, saying that when completed, it would open the door to greater economic development in North Baton Rouge .

“For many conversations, we always talk about the quality of the place and the quality of life and this rapid transit system by bus will make these things more accessible by increasing access to transport and thus empowering our residents. “Broome said.

CATS intends to add a second BRT route, running east to west along Florida Boulevard.

The plans, however, depend on the voters. The mileage which finances the majority of the CATS budget must be renewed. If voters reject CATS’s offer to renew its funding, Bill Deville, CEO of CATS, said the plans would be scrapped and services would be drastically cut.

“If we don’t have this renewal, we don’t have the money to go through with BRT,” Deville said.

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