BYD Transit Buses and Coaches Eligible for California HVIP Funding 2022


BYD has announced that buyers of its line of American-made, battery-electric, battery-electric transit buses and coaches are eligible for incentives through the California Air Resources Board (CARB) 2022 Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP). Voucher program vehicles include all of BYD’s battery electric bus and coach lines.

HVIP is a first-come, first-served incentive coupon program designed to accelerate market transformation by reducing the purchase price of zero-emission vehicles. There will be $569.5 million available in the HVIP this year, including $70 million earmarked for transit vehicles. When funds for transit vehicles are fully requested, HVIP will continue to allow requests for standard HVIP vouchers for all transit bus fleets pending availability of funds.

The opening date and details on how the program will be run this year have not been finalized. Information about the program can be found here.

The voucher program includes BYD’s complete transit bus line, with the 30-foot K7M and K7M-ER eligible for $85,000 in incentives, and the 35-foot K8M, 40-foot K9M and K9MD and 60ft K11M eligible for $120,000.

Among BYD trainers, the 23-foot C6M is eligible for $85,000 in incentives. Larger coaches including the 35ft C8M, 35ft Double Decker C8MS; 40ft C9M; 45ft C10M; and 45-foot Double Decker C10MS motor coaches are eligible for $120,000 vouchers.

The amount of the vouchers can be increased by an additional 10% if the vehicles are registered in a disadvantaged community. The amount of the vouchers can be increased by an additional 15% if the vehicles are purchased by a public transport agency.

The chassis of any vehicle receiving a good HVIP must be licensed and registered in California, and the vehicle must be registered in California.


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