Buses continue to stop illegally on overflight of Jalandhar ring road: the Tribune India



Nikhil bhardwaj

Tribune press service

Ludhiana, October 31

A major tragedy was averted on Tuesday night when a high-speed truck crashed into a stationary bus on the Jalandhar Bypass Bridge. Fortunately, no loss of life was reported in the crash, but the collision was so intense that the two vehicles were severely entangled with each other.

The bus had around 15 passengers and they suffered only minor injuries. Even the drivers of the two vehicles were safe.

The illegal stopping of buses on the national road endangered the lives of commuters and despite the presence of traffic police on the Jalandhar ring road, these vehicles were never stopped and challenged by them.

Buses, coming mainly from the Jalandhar side, illegally stop on the bridge as they drop off and pick up passengers. Another reason for resorting to illegal stopping is that it shortens the distance to the bus station terminal. If the buses do not pass over the bridge, they must travel more distance.

According to reports, when a private bus, “Gagandeep” from Jalandhar, stopped at the bridge to pick up and drop off passengers, a high-speed truck which was also coming from Jalandhar crashed into the back of the bus on the left. ‘stop. The passengers of the bus felt a huge shake and fell out of their seats due to the intense collision.

Truck driver Vijay said: “The bus was standing almost in the middle of the freeway, as I was driving on the freeway at a good speed, I could not determine whether the bus was stationary or moving. Before he could apply the brakes, his vehicle struck him.

When asked why he had stopped the vehicle on the highway, putting the lives of passengers in danger, the bus driver replied that his bus was not the only such vehicle to stop on a daily basis. In fact, many buses made this stop, although it was illegal. , such as their permanent stopover to drop off and pick up passengers.

After the accident, passers-by gathered on the spot. They blamed the bus drivers for deliberately putting the lives of passengers in danger. People said that the traffic police should not allow buses to stop at such illegal points. A resident said who would take responsibility if someone died in such accidents.

Random parking costs your life

Random parking of a loaded semi-trailer on Hambran Road near the village of Kutbewal also claimed the life of a motorcyclist on Tuesday.

The motorcycle struck the stationary semi-trailer, killing the rider instantly. The deceased, Dharminder Singh, is a resident of Garha village. His brother Bhupinder Singh told police that his brother was on his way to his home on Tuesday evening. When he reached Kutbewal, he didn’t notice a stopped semi-trailer and rushed into it. He was parked in the middle of the road. His parking lights were also not on. Police had filed a complaint against the driver of the vehicle, Lakhwinder, for manslaughter.


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