Bus Rapid Transit System to Launch QR Code Based Ticketing | Hubballi News

Hubballi: Hubballi-Dharwad Bus Rapid Transit System (HDBRTS) authorities are planning to introduce QR-based digital cash transactions in addition to the current contactless transaction service.
Discussions with major agencies regarding digital transactions have already taken place and are working on performing QR-based cash transactions at all HDBRTS bus stops.
After the pandemic hit the country, commuters demanded cashless and digital transactions. As a result, the authorities are currently working on setting up a digital payment system.
Ganesh Rathod, Deputy Managing Director, HDBRTS said that previously we thought of promoting cashless and contactless transactions which people are now very used to, now we are planning to bring QR code based transactions in addition of the current contactless transaction system. . “In a few weeks, the QR code-based cash transaction system will be introduced at all HDBRTS bus stops to minimize cash transactions and encourage people to pay via e-wallets, such as Google Pay or PhonePe. QR codes will be put inside the bus through which people can pay.”
Ashwini, a bank clerk from Keshwapur, said, “We claim that HDBRTS has advanced features and services, but it is unfortunate that at the counters there is still no digital payment system. “Recently, I encountered difficulty in getting a ticket to Dharwad from Hubballi station, due to lack of adequate currency to purchase a ticket. Later, I asked for the digital system, the staff sitting at the counter said it had no digital payment system,” he added.
A staff member from HDBRTS ticket office, said most commuters come for ticket with Rs 500, 200, but due to lack of change, sometimes we are not able to give out tickets. If QR-based cash transactions were implemented at bus stops, it would be easier for the public to get a ticket, he said.

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