Belgrade Airport opens expanded terminal


• In line with the open concept of the terminal, all doors are accessible to passengers and are not partitioned, with the exception of departures from the United States (gates C11 and C12)

• New food and beverage facilities and commercial areas are yet to be developed. Mr Berisot describes it as the “next major step in the development of the airport”

• Each gate is named after famous individuals from Serbian history. Their names appear on the new third floor (arrivals corridor) and are accompanied by their silhouette

• Architectural and interior design in line with all other VINCI airports and open space concept

• The General Director of Belgrade Airport notes that all these projects are aimed at significantly increasing the number of passengers. “In every aspect, Nikola Tesla Airport will be different. We have strong ambitions for this airport. We want to be a strong hub in Eastern Europe,” Berisot said.

• All major construction works and projects (listed in the article below) must be completed on schedule by the end of next year

• A centralized security check will be put in place at midnight tonight, ending checks at individual gates. Only gates on flights to New York will have gate security that meets TSA requirements

Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport will open the first phase of its new, expanded passenger terminal tomorrow, after just over two years of construction. This morning, members of the press had the opportunity to tour the new facility with airport general manager Francois Berisot and airport development manager Petar Novaković before it was commissioned. in service on Wednesday. The expanded Concourse C adds eight new airbridge gates and five bus gates to the airport. Although imperceptible to travelers walking through its corridors, the extension is not completely aligned with the rest of Terminal 2. Instead, the positioning of the new building allows for greater apron space and, to its tower, allows the new gates to handle jumbo jets, which is part of operator VINCI’s hub strategy in Belgrade.

New bus doors

As well as offering new food and beverage facilities, as well as a shopping area, the extended terminal also has an additional floor, which is also being built above the rest of the buildings in Terminals 1 and 2. The five meter wide corridor will be used to separate departing and arriving passengers. Those arriving from a flight will enter the walkway and ascend the arrival gallery, from which they will reach a central transfer area, a chimney-like structure with escalators descending to the first level, which will be used by transfer passengers (corresponding to the departures level), while those leaving the airport will go down to the baggage claim area and the arrivals hall.

First floor (departures level)

The second phase of the C Pier expansion includes the construction of four additional air bridge gates, which is expected to begin in the future. VINCI is also continuing with the construction of the new access platform in front of the terminals, a new car park, the extension of the ground floor of the airport which will accommodate 100 check-in counters, as well as new restaurants, bars and shops. In addition, work is also underway on the construction of a new inserted runway, overhaul of taxiways, a new de-icing platform, a helicopter terminal, as well as a sewage treatment plant, while that new technologies have been acquired for the security and sorting of baggage. . Construction of the new airport control tower is also nearing completion. The airport has already completed work on a new long-term parking lot, a solid waste treatment plant, a solar power plant, new aprons and a new power plant.

New floor (arrivals corridor)

The entire multimillion-euro airport expansion project will be completed by 2025, although the bulk of the work will be finalized next year. This is the largest investment and overhaul of airport facilities since the construction of the Terminal 2 building between 1979 and 1981.

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