Bangalore: Liquidity Crisis Halts Work on BMTC Bus Terminal in Kalasipalya | Bangalore News



Bus station could be ready by December 2021

BENGALURU: Even almost two decades after the proposal, the wait for commuters for a congested modern bus terminal in Kalasipalya is growing.
In 2016, BMTC started work on the Rs 63 crore terminal spread over 4 acres and it was due for completion in December 2019. After missing several deadlines, the company has now completed around 95% of the work.
But all activities stopped after BMTC failed to release the money for the entrepreneur. “We have paid Rs 42 crore so far and the remaining amount has not yet been released due to the cash shortage. Only adjustments and works on the access roads are pending, ”said a BMTC official.
He said BMTC approached the government to provide financial assistance to complete the project. “This terminal is being built with internal funds from the transport company. But there has been no income for two years, mainly because of the Covid. The government has sanctioned the amount and is expected to release it by the end of the month. We have set a deadline of December 2021, ”he said.
Rajesh S, a passenger, said: “There is no rush on BMTC’s part to complete the project. There are no toilets for women ”
When completed, the terminal could accommodate 18 BMTCs, 10 KSRTCs and 8 interstate government buses at a time. While an automatic rickshaw stand will be installed at the terminal, it has not yet been decided whether or not to allow private intercity buses inside the facility. The terminal will have commercial establishments, a food court and terrace parking, etc.
Every day, hundreds of buses run from Kalasipalya to neighboring cities and neighboring states. The lack of clean toilets, waiting areas, parking lots and bus platforms or platforms for boarding the buses inconvenienced passengers.



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