Avoid getting a ticket by following these laws around schools and buses



MONROE, Louisiana (KNOE) – Students are getting ready for school and the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office advises drivers to prepare as well. Soon you will be sharing the route with the buses and there are certain rules to follow.

While driving in school zones, the sheriff’s office says you need to keep your eyes on the road and off your cell phone.

Glenn Springfield, of the sheriff’s office, said drivers should be careful when children are waiting at bus stops. He encourages parents to hang out with children during drop-off and pick-up times.

When driving, slow down, obey traffic lights, and give yourself extra time if you know a road is particularly busy during school.

If a school bus lets children get on or off, Springfield says drivers should stop.

“The driver should stop for the bus no less than 30 feet from the bus following both the bus and oncoming traffic. The only solution to this is on four-lane highways that have split medians. or history, physical median in our central terminal. in this case, the car following the book must stop. oncoming traffic from the other side can proceed with caution. they recommend that you slow down and be very careful. but you can go on, but only almost four types of divided lanes, ”says Springfield.

He says a driver can receive an expensive citation if he breaks the law. Remember, the law says you must stop within 30 feet of a stopped school bus, and you cannot go until they do.

Springfield says to try to remain patient as parents and students adjust to their school routine.

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