As of today the best buses go from Mumbai airport to these parts of the city

Passengers can now book a seat on the best Mumbai airport buses when traveling to or from Mumbai International Airport (T2). Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) has launched bus services from Mumbai International Airport (T2) to different parts of the city. BEST has currently introduced three routes in Mumbai and passengers will be able to reserve their seats from September 9, 2022. Passengers can reserve their seats on airport bus services through BEST’s Chalo app. Read on to find out more about reserving your BEST seat and the current bus routes of the airport service buses.

Current top bus routes in Mumbai:

1. Route 881: CSIA Terminal 2 – Backbay Bus Depot

2. Route 882: CSIA Terminal 2 – Jalvayu Vihar, Kharghar

3. Route 884: CSIA Terminal 1A – Cadbury Junction, Thane

These are the current Mumbai airport service bus routes. However, BEST Buses has assured that other routes will soon be introduced in the city.

How to book?

Mumbai passengers can use BEST’s Chalo app to book their seats.

To reserve the seat on the BEST buses:

Download the BEST Chalo app and search for the desired route.
Click on the BOOK option.
Select your pick up point and drop off point.
Select the desired time slot.
Make an online payment.

You can download the app here. Chalo app allows you to follow the best buses in Mumbai live. To validate your reservation when boarding the bus, simply put your phone on the driver’s machine.

The BEST buses in Mumbai

About BEST Mumbai AC Bus Service

BEST AC Airport Bus Service is one of the best public transport providers in Mumbai. Best buses have 5 bus routes in Mumbai with 15 bus stops. These bus routes cover an area from the NCPA stop to the Akshar Complex Palm Beach Road stop. They also cover the area from Chakala Cigarette Factory stop to Radio Club stop in Mumbai.

BEST’s longest route: AS-882
This bus line covers more than 43 km and has 42 stops. It departs from Kharghar Jalvayu Vihar and ends at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai.

BEST’s shortest route: AS-886

BEST buses have the shortest route in Mumbai which runs 3 km with 2 stops. This AC bus services route departs from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport and terminates at Domestic Airport Terminal 1-A.

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