AirTags should be used to track cars if stolen, police say

A UK police force says people should consider putting an AirTag in their car in case it gets stolen. The suggestion comes after the force managed to locate a vehicle within 40 minutes of taking it from its owner.

Sheffield North West NPT tweeted to say a car theft was reported after masked men entered a property to locate its keys. They stole the car after finding them, but less than an hour later it was recovered by the police.

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Police go on to say that “this incident shows that placing trackers in vehicles helps us locate them if they are unfortunately stolen.” In a follow-up tweet, they went further, saying they would “encourage all car owners to consider putting a low-cost tracker in their car” to speed up its recovery if stolen.

Unfortunately, the tweet also confirms that those responsible for the theft have not been located, although investigations are ongoing.

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This isn’t the first time an AirTag has been used to locate a vehicle, but it’s rare for a police department to actively suggest that using an AirTag would help them in the event of a stolen car.

Unfortunately, although AirTags are still relatively cheap, they are no longer as cheap as they are in the UK. The price of a single AirTag has risen by 20% from £29 to £35 earlier this week, caught in the same situation which also saw the iPad Air and iPad mini price increases. While still among the best iPads for many people, their price increases didn’t come with any new features and were instead seen as a result of the strong US dollar.

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