A flurry of gunfire hits homes and cars in the Alexandria neighborhood – NBC4 Washington

Some residents who live near the Braddock Road subway station in Alexandria, Va., were shaken when a flurry of gunfire sent bullets into homes and cars in the area Thursday night.

It happened around 8:30 p.m. in a townhouse community on Wythe Street.

Cassandra Suess said she was texting a neighbor when she heard multiple gunshots.

“We just heard gunshots, and she saw the light or, like, the explosion of the gun,” Suess said.

Another neighbor said she heard at least eight gunshots. Then she heard her mother screaming upstairs. A bullet flew into the bedroom. His mother was terrified, but unharmed.

911 calls poured in, and officers said they also heard the gunshots during calls with a dispatcher.

The bullets left their mark, flying through at least one resident’s window, smashing pieces of brick and punching holes in the walls.

Suess said a bullet went through the windshield of his SUV.

Despite all the damage, there were no injuries.

“There were definitely children here and the bullets hit a child, anyone, period,” Suess said. “When are people going to put down their guns and stop shooting?

Alexandria Police have not made any arrests and are continuing to investigate.

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