5 things to know about Metro Bus Rapid Transit plans



LOS ANGELES – The city of Los Angeles has never really been known as a transit city.

This is largely because buses cannot get passengers where they want to go almost as quickly as cars. But a new type of metro service called Bus Rapid Transit aims to change that.

Five things you should know:

  1. Bus Rapid Transit is a type of bus service designed to be faster than local buses by creating separate lanes for them to travel so that they are not subjected to the same traffic as cars.
  2. The LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority plans to add three BRT projects to its network by 2028: on Vermont Avenue from Hollywood Boulevard to 120th Street, from North Hollywood to Chatsworth, and from North Hollywood to Burbank, Eagle Rock and Pasadena.
  3. Metro is currently in the final planning stages for its BRT North Hollywood-Pasadena, scheduled to open in 2024. The route along Colorado Boulevard through Eagle Rock would include a reserved bus lane in the leftmost lane. , dedicated left-hand indicators for cars, new pedestrian crossings, a protected cycle path and sidewalk extensions. Metro has yet to decide whether the Colorado Boulevard portion of the BRT will retain the two lanes of traffic for cars in each direction or reduce it to one.
  4. BRTs in other US cities have increased ridership and reduced travel times.
  5. Metro is hosting two community meetings to discuss the Burbank portion of the BRT North Hollywood-Pasadena on October 7th.


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